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Just in case some didn't notice...

I have moved journals, and you can now friend me at lullabyte. This journal will not be deleted, but it won't be updated anymore.

Thank you everybody~
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It's the end of an era.

You can now find me @ lullabyte from now on. This journal will remain around, but will not be updated anymore.

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The less said, the better

My boss died today.


I want to cry, but I just can't. The tears are there, but I'm an idiot and won't let them fall.

*goes to do packing so she doesn't need to dwell on this more than she should*
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Icon making - it's a drug

Just a quick update on my icon making status:

10variations: Was accepted for and completed my Ah! Megami-sama Belldandy claim today (though I did have a few weeks to make them between applying and actually getting approved. I'm not THAT fast). Completed claim post.

10_lyricons: Claimed Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei (Manga), will be creating icons around the song Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation (I swear this song was written about him :D). Currently completed the first three icons, will continue tomorrow).

iconfiend100: Updated my After School Nightmare claim. Added 14 new icons, completing 38 icons in all. Updated claim post.

Yeah. More for my own reference than anything else. ^_^
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fuyou fuyou fuyou fuyou fuyou
fuyou fuyou fuyou fuyou fuyou

NEW LAYOUT GUYS. MY OBSESSION WITH ASN IS GROWING, GROOOOOOOWING *now has a layout, profile layout and iconfiend100 claim revolving around ASN. No, she doesn't think it's excessive at all :P* I like it sooo much better than my previous one. It's not totally completed, a few little niggles but we'll just ignore them for now, shall we? *grins*

It reminds me of after dinner mints. I like pink and green, very pretty combo.

Omigod, you would not believe how long it took to colour. Was totally going without sleep for a while. Worth it though.

Soooo, likee? ^_^
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Just thought I'd mention that I heart my new profile layout. Yes, late nights maketh me bored. Yes, when I'm bored, I make graphic-type things. It's a bit different than the last layout, and that makes me happy.

After School Nightmare is a nifty little manga series, so pretty. <333 If you can, check it out, especially if you're into great psychological and prettily drawn manga.

...and omigod, I heard Watase Yuu (yes, THAT Watase Yuu) has begun drawing BL? I never EVER thought that would happen! *reads yaoi_daily post and expects MAJOR nosebleeds to happen eventually*

And now, I will sleep. |3
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01. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. My desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my latest works in progress, my iTunes, my DA, absolutely whatever you are curious about. Request it.
02. I will respond with a screenshot of the very thing you request.
03. In return, you will spread this meme far and wide.

Twas pinged by nis_chan for this. :D
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Mmm, got bored, and wanted to take people's minds off of the whole Strikethrough '07 thing, so I recorded again. And if by chance the link above doesn't work (or if you want to keep the song, which would make me really pleased and honoured), I've uploaded it to Mediafire as well.

I'm aware that the backing music is really fuzzy, but there's not much I can really do about it because that's how it is when you apply the Remove Vocals filter in Goldwave. At least the piano is clear enough. Sigh.

But ANYWAY, it's my all time Natalie Merchant song, and I know that singing a song you adore can, most of the time, turn out crap, but I really wanted to sing this cos it's that beautiful. Really wish there was a proper karaoke track for this, if anyone can help out with this I'd love you foreverence. :D

*snuggles back into her fluffy blanket trying to keep warm and pops a few painkillers*
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